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 Publicado a 30 de Julho de 2012     Número Temático

Número Temático de 2012 – Diversity, Communication and Coexistence

Susana Gonçalves – Special Issue coordinator

This special edition of the Exedra Journal is dedicated to diversity and issues of communication and coexistence in today’s societies. A number of international contributions has been collected, including research, essays, case studies and reports of school and community development projects.

Authors from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Netherland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA provide us with a variety of thought-provoking reflections to contribute to the debate on diversity and help guide educational practices, both in formal and non-formal contexts, like school or social education. All together, the contributions gathered for this volume are also relevant reading for those interested in the policies of Education and social management.

Foreword: diversity, communication and coexistence

Volume I – Social Issues

Narratives Of Coexistence

The Turmoil Of Illegal Immigration

Psychological Borders Of Coexistence

Volume II – Educational Issues

Education: Fostering The Intercultural Agenda

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